TSÕÕR – it is a round and roomy circle that consists of 12 Võru county women, who gather in culture house Kannel to enjoy being together. But nothing happens on its own and you always need the power that would initiate and give the necessary push to move. The midpoint and driving force of Tsõõr is the dance teacher Maie Pau. She already knows how to make Tsõõr rotate according to the description of the dance, clockwise or counterclockwise, how to take up the speed so that feet barely touch the ground or slow it down to dignified line of flight. Tsõõr has been active since 1985. Throughout these years Tsõõr has performed at very many events and festivals both in Estonia (Võru Folklore Festival, Baltica) and abroad together with Folk Dance Group "Kannel" and folk orchestra "Kandle kapell" in Egypt, France, Poland and Hungary. TSÕÕR will continue rotating for their own pleasure and for the delight of others.