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Maie Pau is leading the Folk Dance Group “Kannel”, Female Dance Group “Tsõõr” and Children’s Folk Dance Group “Tsõõrike” in Võru.

The Folk Dance Group “Kannel” was summoned for Maie’s diploma performance. The Female Dance Group was formed two years later. “Kannel” and “Tsõõr” practice in Võru Culture House, but the Children’s Folk Dance Group “Tsõõrike” practices in Võru I Basic School.

Throughout these years, Maie’s dance groups have danced both Estonian and treated folk dances. Maie has paid special attention to the local folklore and to the dances created by Kai Leete.

Maie has been with the Võru Folklore Festival from the beginning and she has been the programme leader through the years. In addition, she has been the general leader of Võru dance festivals for years, but also an assistant at Tallinn’s Dance Celebrations.

Maie is developing, guiding and promoting the folklore life of Võru county. She is also organizing the annual Võrumaa Children’s Folklore Day and she has danced in the Dance Leaders’ Folk Dance Group.


Folk Dance Group "Kannel" started in 1983. The members are young, cheerful men and women who want to come together in their free time and enjoy dancing and singing.
The aim of the folk group is to preserve and introduce our forefathers' culture. The program contains original and treated folk dances, songs, plays with songs, and dances created by Estonian authors. Folk programs are often performed together with the female dance group "TSOOR". The group is accompanied by a folk orchestra.
The folk group has performed in several concerts and festivals in Estonia (Voru Folk Festival, Baltica, Republican Dance Festival etc.).
"KANNEL" has represented Estonia in Spain (Europeade '95), Finland (Kaustinen Folk Festifal '96), Hungary (Eger '97) and in Komi at a festival among Finno-Ugrian people. The group has also been on a week-long tour in China ('99). In 2001, we went to France and in 2004 to Egypt to take a part of folk festivals. In 2006, we took part in the 2nd European Folklore Festival in Spital om Pyhrn/Austria. We have also been to France (Chambray-Les-Tours 2008), Jordan (2011), Russia (2012) and Latvia (2011).
The folk group has entertained folk groups from Komi, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Hungary.
The members of the folk dance group "KANNEL" and the orchestra are very hospitable and are happy to see old and new friends.
We are waiting for new contacts.