The performances of the Folk Dance Group Kannel are accompanied by live music from Kandle Kapell. Erja Arop, the leader of Kapell, is especially connected to the folk dance group. The group learns their dances accompanied by her playing. Erja is like an irreplaceable member of the folk group that everyone loves and without whom none of the events take place.


Kersti Kamberg (violin, väikekannel)


Erja Arop (accordion)
Karin Tepaskent (väikekannel)
Milja Udras (violin, väikekannel, karmoška)
Heli Laaniste (zither)



Kapell Võru Folkloorifestivalil 2012Kapell Võru Folkloorifestivalil 2013

Kandle kapell (folk orchestra) was created in 1994. Throughout our existence we have performed authentic Estonian folk music. Kandle kapell has given concerts both on their own and as an accompanying orchestra for dance groups "Kannel" and "Tsõõr". We have taken part of different performances from people's parties to big festivals in Estonia and abroad – from Finland to China. Kapell has performed at all Võru Folklore Festivals and released several CDs with their own music. Our wish is that the Estonian folk music tradition would last.